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Who Are the Looney Lutherans?

The Looney Lutherans are a trio of wacky gals who use music, comedy, and some help from the audience to share their age-old wisdom for living a long and lively life, the Lutheran way. Material is comedic and family friendly, and you don’t have to be Lutheran to love it!

The Looney Lutherans are the authors of the (fictional) cookbook and lifestyle guide” entitled Use Your Food: A Guide to Healthy Living Inside and Out, From Our Kitchen to Yours, Eat Like a Lutheran! Using music, comedy, and some help from the audience, these gals love to share their tips for living a long and healthy life, the Lutheran way.

All original material is comedic, family friendly, and interactive.

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Basic Show

For shows under 60 min.

The Looney Lutherans share tips from their (fictional) cookbook and lifestyle guide: “Use Your Food. A guide to healthy living inside and out. From our kitchen to yours. Eat Like a Lutheran!” Using items from your very own home, you can have a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy heart, the Lutheran Way.

Segments include the Lutheran “food wheel” (all roads lead to hotdish);a Lutheran rap (“Eat Like a Lutheran”); and Lutheran beauty tips. Audience members may also be invited on stage to help demonstrate a Lutheran exercise routine using dishtowels, or to compete for cans of corn in the fast-paced game show POTLUCK.


Suggested for a First Visit

LIVIN’ LA VIDA LUTHERAN: Looney Lifestyle tips for Livelier Living

USING THE PRINCIPLES OF THE “6HHP” (the 6 “Happy Heart” petals), the Looney Lutherans share their unique tips for living a livelier life. Segments include the Menopause Medley, Lutheran Yoga, and Do-it-yourself Beauty Tips. (And you don’t have to be Lutheran to love ‘em!)

Suggested for a Repeat Visit

YOUNG(ish) AT HEART: Celebrating “maturity”

While getting older can sometimes be a literal “pain in the neck”, laughter really is good medicine. Celebrate being YOUNG(ish) AT HEART with the Looney Lutherans, because age ain’t nothing but a number. Segments include the game show What’s In Your Lunchbox? (hosted by your favorite luncheon meat); musical advice for dealing with aches and pains; and some creative tips for keeping fit — because Jello isn’t the only thing that jiggles.

Holiday Show

HOLD THE LUTEFISK, It's Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas

When you want an old-fashioned Looney Christmas, you know who to turn to — the musical, merry, menopausal members of the Looney Lutherans! This trio of warm, witty women help the audience enjoy the spirit of the season, the Lutheran way. (But you don’t have to be Lutheran to love ‘em.) Segments include a Lutheran version of “Cowboy” wisdom, letters to Santa, and the unique game show CHRISTMAS TREE AMAZING RACE STAR SEARCH, an opportunity to test your Christmas spirit.

Ginger Johnson
Our resident food expert, Looney life coach, and mastermind of The Lutheran Food Wheel, Ginger loves food so much she married a man named Herb.
Bella Anderson
Italian by birth, Lutheran by marriage, Bella is the owner, operator, CEO, personal trainer, and client at a local exercise franchise. Her exercise routine can be performed anytime, anywhere.
Lois Jenson
Lois is excited to share with you some of her Lutheran beauty tips. Using items from your very own kitchen, you too, can be a ‘sexy Lutheran’.
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Ginger Johnson
Ginger Johnson
Bella Anderson
Bella Anderson
Lois Jensen
Lois Jenson
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